Consulting Services

Implementation Services

9T can do more than just get your software up and running. We offer a range of implementation services that go beyond deployment and cover the entire business lifecycle. Our experts have a detailed knowledge of best practices and the processes associated with implementing successful business technology projects. They work closely with you to bridge the gap between business and technology, helping to drive success.

Technology Managed Services

9T Technology Managed Services are designed to enhance your IT processes and staff, and further extend the performance and availability of your Contact Center solutions. Our team will help you implement a sustainable program based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. By combining rigorous engagement and data collection with analysis by our experts, we can provide you with actionable recommendations.

Enablement Services

9T Enablement Services can help organizations get the most from their Contact Center solutions by increasing knowledge and best practices, and driving employee adoption and performance. Enablement Services can be delivered on-site or remotely.

Business Managed Services

9T Business Managed Services provide experts to help you bridge from vision to execution with specific, measurable business outcomes. 9T Business Managed Services include focus area analysis and business trend reporting and are available for Speech Analytics, Enterprise Feedback Management, Desktop Process and Analytics (DPA),Workforce Management, and BPA Quality Monitoring Managed Service.

Business Advisory Services

9T Business Advisory Services help organizations develop their vision and strategy, improve their performance, and focus on achieving specific business outcomes. Business Advisory Services include business consulting, project management, and change management and are available for customers deploying in the cloud or on-premises.


9T provides a customized, timely contact center consulting experience to give you the exact assistance you need. SmarTi is a cost-effective contact center consulting service where customers purchase a block of time and use it as need arises. Whether it’s refresher training on a specific feature or consulting about best practices for your particular business needs, you create the agenda.