Customer Analytics

Discover trends and customer intelligence, enhance customer experience and improve omnichannel service processes.

Customers choose to engage with organizations via audio, text and video, spanning multiple channels and devices such as phone, mobile, email, chat, surveys and social media.  They move from one channel to the other but expect consistent, high-quality service.  Each interaction is a treasure trove of insights that is often ignored, and organizations struggle to coordinate a cohesive level of service across the different channels.

customer engagement management software
Our Customer Analytics solutions help organizations capture customer interactions, feedback, and journeys across multiple channels; analyze and interpret them in the context of business objectives; and respond more effectively to customer, business, and market demands. With these solutions, organizations can deliver consistent, contextual, and personalized customer experiences while providing insight for enhancing enterprise performance, customer and employee engagement, and consumer loyalty.

Our Customer Analytics solutions include:

Speech Analytics—for mining recorded calls and surfacing customer sentiments and rising trends.

Text Analytics—for analyzing text-based communications, including email, web chat, and social media.

Enterprise Feedback Managementfor managing customer and employee feedback programs across mobile, web, IVR, and SMS channels.

Digital Feedback Management—for measuring and analyzing digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices. 

Engagement Analytics—for analyzing and correlating customer interactions and behaviors across channels, by intent or service type, so that organizations can gain a single view of the customer experience, by intent, pinpoint areas of opportunity and deficiency, and develop strategies to address them.

Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection— for authenticating customers and detecting fraudsters to help reduce agent handle time and enhance security in contact centers.

Customer Analytics works in tandem with our Workforce Optimization products such as Recording, Quality Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, Enterprise Workforce Management, and Performance Management.  Customer Analytics can be licensed as a whole or by individual product and deployed on-premises, or accessed via the cloud, with flexible purchase methods to suit your business needs.